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GACKT on vs Arashi

Today was Ohno Satoshi's birthday - Belated happy birthday, Ohno-kun!

I watched Vs Arashi for the first time in months because GACKT was on Arashi's team. And OMG, I laughed throughout the episode!

Cutest thing I've seen in a long time was when GACKT was going to do the bowling game and had to take off his rings. Sho put them on the bench where Arashi was sitting. When GACKT had finished and came to find them, Ohno had put all three of them on his fingers. GACKT said he would keep 2 of them and give Ohno the third as a birthday present. Ohno's reaction was priceless!!!

"GAKKUN!" How's that for adorable when GACKT ruffled Ohno's hair. ^_^
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